Presenting Memorable Events





The community events we present support these outreach programs and community 

programs provided by other non profits that we partner with to help them raise 

awareness and money to carry out their missions that align with 

the types of community projects we support. 

The WINopoly Project

Women In Network Helping Women In Need

Women In Network Helping Women in Need to motivate, educate, and encourage. The WINopoly Project is an outreach program for women to come together as a community networking together.  It is a daily endeavor to inspire women to live up to their maximum potential. The WINopoly Project brings together a strong force of women all working together to the benefit of women entrepreneurs and business owners. There are so many successful women in business today and this program is designed to keep those numbers growing.  


Providing Home Improvements for the Elderly and Disabled

SWC Cares provides home safety solutions and home improvements for the elderly, disabled, and disadvantaged families with children.

Most of the work is done by volunteers that are skilled and unskilled to include students that need to earn college or high school credits in order to graduate. The skilled labor volunteers are a big part of these projects.

We rely on our Community Events and fundraisers to help raise funds to cover the cost of materials and skilled labor.


Music and Arts After School Programs 

The PED programs focus on music and the arts and the role they play in the development of good character, thinking and problem solving skills, and discipline. Our goal is to help prepare children and graduating students for a successful future by removing barriers and meeting the challenges of adolescence and adults through a coordinated progressive series of activities and experiences in the music and arts after school programs along with the internship programs for high school and college students.